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March For Change Speech – 20/07/19

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I’m dressed as the Queen of ‘European” Hearts today, along with a group of friends in Brexit Wonderland costumes, because now that Westminster has descended into such a state of farce and nonsense we felt it was only appropriate to fight the madness with madness. And as the Queen of Hearts, I have only one thing to say to Boris Johnson, and that’s…  “OFF WITH HIS EGO.”

And that is all I am going to say, because I have a serious point: our campaign to Stop Brexit is not about him, or the vitriolic infighting in the Tory party or the toxic tribal political debate in the UK which has led us into this downward spiral of hate, negativity and division. Our campaign to Stop Brexit must be led with a positive vision for the future of our country at the heart of the EU – where we belong. And we must prize its values of: Equality, Unity in our Diversity, Tolerance across nations, and above all of the peace that it has achieved across our continent.

It is essential that we do not indulge in our hate for those who lead the Brexit narrative for their own selfish ends – Parody and mock them, perhaps – but we must not fall victim to the vitriol which feeds their ego and fuels the messages they seek to spread. Turn your back on their hate and choose love.

Because true leadership seeks to compromise, to reach out with an open heart, compassion and understanding, even for those who most vehemently disagree with us. True leadership works to find the common ground, to overcome division, to achieve co-operation, so that we can work together to tackle global issues. True leadership inspires hope and enthusiasm that we can be a better version of ourselves. Our narrative must be positive, diverse, creative, open and tolerant – the very values of the EU for which we are fighting.

I want to thank each of you for coming here today to take a stand. Because this march is about empowering you to go back to your communities with compassion and love in your hearts, and to reach out to others with the dialogue and actions which will change people’s minds. Because together we can be the change that our country needs to make it a better place for all of us. And that change must start by stopping Brexit.’

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