Madeleina Kay

Madeleina Kay


Madeleina Kay is a British artist, writer, musician and political activist. Originally from Leicester she currently lives in Sheffield.

Madeleina, her father and Alba White Wolf protest at the ‘Wooferendum’ march in London, October 2018

Known as #EUsupergirl for her creative campaigning to stop Brexit, she was awarded ‘Young European of the Year 2018’ by the European Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

Madeleina performs after being awarded ‘Young European of the Year’ at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg, June 2018

Madeleina has written, illustrated and self-published eight  books on different political issues including; Refugees, Brexit, Europe, migration and the environment.

Madeleina and Noel Fielding with her book ‘Theresa Maybe in Brexitland’ and her #24ReasonstoRemain poster in Nice, August 2018

She also writes, records and performs political protest songs at events across the UK and Europe.

Madeleina performs at a protest rally opposite Downing Street in London, June 2017

In 2017 Madeleina was the winner of the ‘Young Talent Prize’ in the ‘Great British Postcard Competition‘ with her entry ‘Welcome to Brexitland’ the design of the front cover of her book ‘Theresa Maybe in Brexitland’. Dr Nicky Ryan from the University of the Arts selected Madeleina Kay for her ‘satirical point of view of the political figures behind Brexit.’


Madeleina is awarded the ‘Young Talent Prize’ in the ‘Great British Postcard Competition’

Madeleina was also one of the winners of the EU Commission’s #EUinmyRegion blogging competition for an article she wrote about the ‘Grey to Green’ scheme in her home city of Sheffield. The prize winning entry took her to Brussels for the first time for the Week of Regions and Cities  in October 2017. Her blog reflecting on the trip was published on the EC website and in the Panorama magazine.

Madeleina on her first visit to Brussels in October 2017 after winning the #EUinmyRegion blogging competition

During her trip to Brussels Madeleina was famously thrown out of a post-Brexit negotiations press conference with David Davis and Michel Barnier in the Berlaymont building. Despite having the relevant accreditation and passes to be in the press conference, Madeleina was ejected for wearing her superhero attire. This became the headline news story, numerous articles were published and Madeleina was interviewed on the BBC Daily politics show the following day.

Madeleina shortly before she was ejected from the post Brexit negotiations press conference in the Berlaymont building, October 2017

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