Madeleina Kay

Madeleina Kay


Madeleina has written, illustrated and self-published 8 books on a range of political issues, including; Refugees, Brexit, Europe, International Politics and the Environment.


(Published October 2016)

Go Back To Where You Came From‘ a children’s picture book about the refugee crisis, published in October 2016. The book tells the plight of the refugee and features LGBTQ+ characters. It is about diversity, compassion and tolerance in the widest possible sense, encouraging cultures to accept and embrace each other’s difference.

The book is being used in Primary schools as a teaching aid.

Sales of the book have raised £1800 for the refugee movement, Sheffield City of Sanctuary.

Theresa Maybe in Brexitland

(Published March 2017)

Theresa Maybe in Brexitland is an illustrated short story for adults the satirises the developments in British politics since the EU Referendum. The book is a parody of Lewis Caroll’s masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and was published in March 2017.

The book was sent to all 114 MPs who voted to block the triggering of Article 50.

Theresa Maybe in Brexitland was reviewed in the Lewis Carroll Review by the Lewis Carroll Society.

Cyril the Ninja Squirrel

(Published June 2017)

Cyril the Ninja Squirrel is a children’s picture book published in June 2017 about the campaign to save the Sheffield Street Trees from being cut down. The book tells the story of how the community comes together with the help of Cyril the Ninja Squirrel to stop the unnecessary felling of street trees that do not need to be cut down. The book also depicts the multiple benefits that Street Trees provide to the local community and the ecosystem.

Copies of the book were donated to local schools and libraries in Sheffield and given to campaigners at the ‘Save Our Trees’ protest outside Sheffield City Hall.

Alba White Wolf’s Adventures in Europe

(Published October 2017)

Alba White Wolf’s Adventures in Europe is a children’s picture book about the EU member states. The book is the second in ‘the Adventures of Alba White Wolf’ series. A sequel to Madeleina’s first children’s picture book about the refugee crisis, ‘Go Back to Where You Came From!‘. The story celebrates the diversity of cultures across the EU and the countries’ historical and cultural achievements.

Thump the Orange Gorilla at the Big World Zoo

(Published July 2018)

‘Thump the Orange Gorilla at the Big World Zoo’ s is an illustrated children’s picture book where the politicians are characterised as animals at the Big World Zoo! Providing a comedic overview of some of Donald Trump’s finest moments as POTUS, and a satirical view on global politics. As much for the parents “kidults” who will get the subtle political references as the kids themselves who will enjoy the fun and entertaining story.

5000 copies of the book were crowdfunded and given out to protesters at the anti-Trump protest in London on 13th July.

#24ReasonstoRemain Booklet

(Published September 2018)

The booklet is available to download online.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide key factual information about the EU and likely impacts of Brexit. The illustrations of the #24ReasonstoRemain aim to create a positive narrative about the EU that communicates the value of our EU membership and how the EU benefits its citizens in their daily lives.

The future is Europe

(published January 2020)

This book features the Artwork created during Madeleina’s tour of the EU28 for the European Cultural Foundation, alongside reflective essays and photography.


(published October 2020)

This book features the stories of 27 British citizens living across the EU member states and Madeleina’s portraits, alongside reflective essays and writings.


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