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Washington Post – 30/01/19
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The irish times 30/01/19

Metro – 30/01/19
Zeit Online 30/01/19

Madeleina Kay the anti-brexit flag bearer who gives voice

Londres Mag – 29/01/19
The Times – 22/01/19

Catalonian News – 28/01/19

Bollocks to Brexit bus visits Chelmsford on final day of nationwide tour

Essex Live (20/12/18)

Brexit tensions boil over in Durham as Leave protestors halt Remain bus

Northern Echo (20/12/18)

Bollocks to Brexit bus arrives in york

york press (19/12/18)

Why was there a ‘B*****KS to brexit’ bus at monument today

Newcastle Chronicle live (19/12/18)

‘Not acceptable!’ Remainers drive BO**OCKS TO BREXIT bus to Dublin for People’s Vote stunt

Daily Express (18/12/18)

A “B****cks to Brexit” bus featuring a Boris Johnson impersonator showed up in Edinburgh this afternoon

Edinburgh Live (18/12/18)

Bollocks to brexit bus visits the irish border

the new european (17/12/18)

Colourful anti-brexit demonstration rolls into irish borderlands

Shrophsire Star (17/12/18)

‘Bollocks to Brexit’ campaigners on whistlestop tour to Dublin

Irish Times (17/12/18)

Faux BoJO the boris johnson lookalike joins anti-brexit demonstration at the irish border

talk radio (17/12/18)

Colourful anti-Brexit demonstration rolls into Irish borderlands

Express & Star (17/12/18)

Protestors make their presence felt with noisy protest in Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole

Bournemouth Daily Echo (15/12/18)

Brexit: inside a disunited kingdom

New york times (13/12/18)

bright yellow bus campaigning through brexit travels through nottingham

nottinghamshire live (10/12/18)

anti-brexit bus and boris johnson lookalike in banbury calling for a people’s vote

banbury guardian (10/12/18)

BO**OCKS TO BREXIT – anti-Brexit campaigners parade FOUL-MOUTHED protest across UK

daily express (07/12/18)

EU SUpergirl sings anti-brexit song outside brussels summit

euronews (25/11/18)

EU supergirl visits poland

radiopoland (13/11/18)

march in york to demand a second brexit vote

york mix (06/11/18)

Generation activism: series 1: brexit

BBC Three (25/10/18)

5 Things we learnt at design manchester 2018

Design week (24/10/18)

new pan-eu movement aims at solidarity with the british

the connexion (22/10/18)

the shut downers

new european (12/10/18)

BBC host shuts down eu supergirl pointing out big flaws in calls for brexit rerun

daily express (08/10/18)

barking mad britons march with pets to demand final brexit referendum

nbc news (07/10/18)

eu supergirl madeleina kay – do brexiteers see the funny side?

bbc sunday politics show (07/10/18)

Jacob-rees-mogg interrupted by remainer protestor

daily express (02/10/18)

telford’s warehouse in chester to host pro europe music and culture festival

CHeshireLive (22/09/18)

blur and suede form busking super group to protest at music ‘parasites’ youtube

i-newspaper (06/09/18)

new ‘reasons to remain’ booklet to be launched in leeds

new european (05/09/18)

brexit: eu supergirl va-t-elle tout casser?

cafe babel (30/07/18)

Economist Andrew Lilico on Brexit: ‘No deal would mean brief period of considerable disruption’

channel 4 news 20/07/18

meet sheffield ‘supergirl’ who is fighting to stop brexit in its tracks

brexit guide 2018

anti-brexit ‘supergirl’ wins young european of the year

lovin malta (04/06/18)

‘Young European of the year 2018’ madeleina kay (aka eu supergirl!) talks brexit with TRE’s Stephen ritson

Talk Radio Europe 25/05/18

guy verhofstadt welcomes anti brexit campaigners to celebrate birthday in brussels

Daily Express (11/04/18)

the brexit perspective from sheffield

Channel 4 news (29/03/18)

1 Year to brexit: farage v eu supergirl

BBC daily politics show (29/03/18)

Is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it’s eu supergirl!

stand up Magazine (27/03/18)

road to brexit: EU ‘supergirl’ on a mission to stop brexit

deutsche welle news (23/03/18)

exclusive interview with madeleina kay (aka the eu supergirl)

sustain europe (14/03/18)

Supergirl anti-brexit

(french) grazia (16/02/18)

the activists who are still fighting brexit

BBC Newsite documentary (08/02/18)

reuters TV footage (letters2europe)

via youtube (09/01/2018)

la frondeuse qui veut empecher le brexit

Paris Match December 2017

European government welcome brexit progress but warn of challenges

the guardian (08/12/17)

Images of the week

irish times (08/12/17)

Madeleina kay, une superheroine au service de l’europe

la croix (05/12/18)

any questions?

bbc radio 4 (18/11/17)

brexit podcast


das eu supergirl: mit musik gegen den brexit

dbate (03/11/17)

EU-Verfechterin und ‘Supergirl’ muss EU-Presseraum verlassen

Vrt NWS (15/10/16)

‘Supergirl told to leave eu press conference’

bbc Daily politics (13/10/17)

‘EU supergirl’ activist escorted out of brexit talks press conference

evening standard (12/10/17)

superwoman e le 24 illustrazioni per fermare la Brexit

EUNews (12/10/17)

Brexit: attivista ‘EU Supergirl’ cacciata da sala stampa

ANSA (12/10/17)

march calling for a stop to brexit

Metro Newspaper (02/10/17)

Brexit wonderland protest stunt

the Guardian (30/03/17)
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