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Madeleina Kay

Self Isolation Covid19

I have been drawing people currently in self-isolation because of the Corona virus pandemic in a disrupted cubist style. The vibrantly coloured oil pastel drawings express their vitality, personality and the emotions, hopes and fears they are currently living through…

I asked each of my participants two questions:

  1. What are you doing to keep your spirits up?
  2. What are you looking forward to doing after the self-quarantine is over?

Mike (British), in the UK.

1. I’m trying to do a new, different, creative project every day. Yesterday it was a video conferenced End of the World Pub Quiz for my family in different parts of the UK. Tonight it’s projecting public information posters (kind of) on a church opposite my flat. I’m planning a Facebook Live Pub Quiz for my followers over the weekend.
Check it out here:

2. Hugging people again (you included)

Anni (British), in the UK.

1) “To keep spirits up, I have been spring cleaning. Yesterday, I washed, and re-energised my rock collection. Listened to Cuban rhythms, and spoke on phone to people who needed support. Am a community enabler.

2) When this is over, I hope to see my children again. Have crafternoons with my eldest daughter. They live a long way apart, and to be able to visit my friends in Norway.”

Francesco (Italian), Italy.

1) basically during the morning i have to work, but every day i play saxophone. i’m learning to play.

2) to see the sea, at first. Go out around to take picture. to drink with my friends and to kiss who i like 😅

Marilou (French), in Berlin.

1. I am sunbathing from my balcony, spending some quality(well deserved) time with my flatmates and reading all the books I wanted to read for so long!

2. I am looking forward to unleash all this energy accumulated during the isolation and sharing it with people I love!

Neal (German), Germany.

1)  I have always been an annoyingly positive individual …. it used to be worse to be fair …. I think it’s in my blood
2)  I am trying to use this time to keep fixing my health problem …. work on the next album (bit difficult as equipment in London) … but not impossible… and then hopefully give my life a new twist that I hitherto have been unable to do … concentrate more on shit that matters … like a meaningful relationship / maybe move / reset / reload ……. while being close to family .. supporting my siblings and my mum doing an incredible job at looking after dad ….

Narcis (Danish), Denmark.

1) I stay active every day. Well active, mentally and digitally. Every morning I wake up with some idea in my head on what I want to work on. So, next to the “work from home” that I need to do, I try to do what I can to ease the situation for the society. I try to communicate to certain categories of people, attempting to swim against the fake news river, that they are drowning in. I started a fundraiser for protection equipment for the medical staff in a hospital in North-East Romania, which I know serves a rural area that is very vulnerable. I participate in a “crisis team” that my political party made to think ideas on how to reduce the negative effects of the economy breaking apart. Ohh, and I cook together with my wife, Monika and play games on my phone until the darkness settles in, as I kinda have difficulties sleeping.

2)  The first minutes after the announcement that the pandemic is over, I can only imagine the people rushing outside, and simply jumping around, smiling to each other, screaming to the skies, an orgy of happiness. I was never really into running before, but now I want to run, aimlessly for hours and watch the world getting back to normal.
After the pandemic will be over, the economy will need fixing, so every able human would need to contribute in that sense. I think I will volunteer my time and mind for any initiatives coming in that direction.

This is Angela (British), in the UK.

1) Taking long bubble baths, doing much more baking and trying new recipes, walking my brother’s dog daily to get some fresh air and exercise and binge-watching Netflix!

2) Getting back to work and meeting my lovely clients, getting my hair and nails done and being able to shop myself, instead of having to rely on others

Franziska (German), in the UK.

1) Sharing my experience in low budget plant pot gardening with others to brighten up their isolation time”
Check it out here:

2) After quarantine she is looking forward to “Having a drink with friends surrounded by the plants I grew”.

Jess (British), in Ireland.

1. Practising piano and horn, playing with the dogs.

2. seeing friends and family

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  1. david maslin March 26, 2020

    An interesting idea especially the questions and answers which seem to have influenced the expressions you have created. Despite (because of?) the cubist distortions; each face has a distinct, distinguishable expression. I guess (hope!) that the images are created from memory and/or photos or you might get sick soon !
    Swirling colours are engaging and often seemed messaging to me. The guys seem a bit less upbeat than the gals.
    Good to see you getting into something new and positive and ‘using’ Corona-19 as an opportunity.

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