Madeleina Kay

Madeleina Kay

Thump the Orange Gorilla at the Big World Zoo

Thump the Orange Gorilla at the Big World Zoo‘ satirical view of the Trump presidency, where political figures are parodied as animals in a zoo – told through illustrations and humour. A storybook to amuse both kids and their parents.

The story features characters, including; Thump the Orange Gorilla, Kim the Korean Wild Boar and Putin the Beastly Bear.

Thump goes on a rampage when he isn’t invited to Harry the Lion and Meghan the Leopard’s Royal Wedding at the zoo… Can the zoo keepers stop the furious gorilla’s rampage from ruining Harry and Meghan’s day and “lock him up” where he belongs?

“The Big World Zoo wasn’t just
the biggest zoo in the world,
it was the greatest zoo.

Imagine the biggest zoo you’ve
ever seen…
The Big World Zoo was bigger.

You wouldn’t believe just quite
how bigly it was – it was huge.”

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